Otis College of Art and Design
Toy Design Class of 2020

Jessica Archibeque

Hello, my name is Jessica Archibeque and I'm a Toy Designer that's passionate about the process of creating Preschool and Girl's Toys. I enjoy brainstorming, collaborating, and creative problem solving. My strengths are concept development, toy features, and 3D Modeling/Prototyping. I mostly find inspiration in the children that I work with. I’ve worked with and taught children for almost 10 years now. My passion is creating a better world and experience for as many children as I can and to bring a smile to their face. My career goals are to work for a company that’s passionate about what they do and encourages their designers to be innovative.

Luminescence (Preschool): Nighttime is never scary with Luminescence the bedtime friend that encourages children 3+ to overcome their fear of the dark by providing comfort and light.
Drama Queens (Doll Playset): The stage is set, let the show begin! Drama Queens are the dolls that come with their very own surprise playset built right in. The tabletop “dress theater” features dress up and hair play, but as always, your imagination is your best styling tool.
Finadables (Preschool Game): Grab a friend and work together to find some new animal friends with Findables the fun and addictive game for preschoolers. Designed to teach colors, prepositions and deductive reasoning. So easy to learn it will quickly become a family favorite.

Heejoo Choi

Hello! I am a team-oriented and self-motivated toy designer who enjoys designing fun and happy toys for children. I love creating toys that provide wonderful learning experiences and entertainment for toddlers and preschoolers. I offer expertise in character design, digital rendering, concept sketching, and bluesky brainstorming. I love to dive deep into each and every project that I work on. As a toy designer, I want to help design toys that kids can cherish and appreciate for many years, like the toys I played with as a kid.

Senior show projects: My Giggly Story (Preschool), Stella's mission (Doll playset), Oddbods RC Bumper Cars (Preschool)

Sunny Chung

Hello! I am Sunny Chung. I am a Toy Designer who loves to design a variety of characters using my unique style. My aesthetic includes the use of vivid colors and patterns. Girls get carried away with my cute fashion dolls and adorable plush toys. But, it is my dream to develop a line of fashion toys and characters for girls and boys!

Mini Mini Cupdles are cute aliens character who want to be the cuddle friends for children on Earth! Kimchi from the spicy ramen planet, Oreo from the cool cereal planet, and Mellow is from the sweet cocoa planet!

Lorenzo Crump

Hello! My name is Lorenzo Crump and I am a fun, creative toy designer! I have always had a passion for toy design, I used to be in animation, but I switched to toy design since I believe that it is my passion to create awesome and unique products. I am even more enthusiastic when I have the opportunity to work with others and create something different and trend-setting. I offer expertise in character design, visual development, ideation, and illustration. I am passionate for colors, putting life into art, and draftsmanship. My strengths include working well with others, time management, and visualization.

The edgy Action Figure line that shows being bad once-in-a-while is good. Especially when you take over the world to make it your Neon Pastel Fantasy!

Spencer Hook

Hi! My name is Spencer Hook, and I'm a fun and energetic Toy Designer that has a strong work ethic. I always had an interest in Toy Design, but mainly in the active and physical toys. I loved the idea that enables kids to get up and be active. It's why I loved being a camp counselor and in Boy Scouts. I'm open to new ideas. I invite challenges and struggles, which helps me improve my skills and abilities as an artist and person. My strengths are time management, sketching, paper prototyping, and concept development.

Mana Force: The tribal action figure line that shows the world of Hawaiian/Polynesian Culture. It shows the power of friendship; that love is more powerful than death.

Lauren Horzewski

I am a passionate, optimistic, and resourceful individual and am also adept at a variety of computer software and traditional hand skills. The close-knit and positive environment of Otis has allowed me to grow both as an artist and as an individual. Whether I’m working alone or collaborating with a team, I always carry a positive attitude and a patient mind. One thing I learned at Otis, which I’ll always take with me, is to always give it everything you’ve got. It’s better to push yourself to do your best, not because you are trying to be better than others, but instead, to be better than your past self and to create something that you’ll be proud of.

Friendship Abroad Dolls: The immersive & interactive doll line that aids girls 3 and up in learning a second language. Explore more at the Friendship Abroad website here

Simin Hou

I am a passionate, creative, and well-rounded designer. I love cute and pretty stuff, especially animals and monsters. My strengths include character design, concept design, color rendering, and model making. I believe that being optimistic and keeping an open mind can help me solve all the problems.

This is a collage of my three favorite designs:
Crowns and Leaves: A doll line contains 2 dolls that develops fashion, nurturing, and friendship.
Monster Squad: A stacking-doll like remote control vehicle set features 3 fun, cheerful cars with lights, music, and lots of action.
Gotta Go Gotta Go: The one-of-a-kind ride-on toy for Preschoolers that let them explore friendship, feeding and a little something extra.

Rowan Johnson

I love toys and games and work hard to find the most fun play patterns to build into any project I take on. I have a great sense of three-dimensionality, and I excel at rapidly modeling printing and painting prototypes. I also have a talent for storytelling, creating characters, vehicles, and worlds with personality. One of my strongest skills is a deep understanding of game theory and how to write a game to be truly engaging with the perfect balance of complexity and approachability. Although I am self-motivated and self-driven, I work best in a team setting where I can collaborate with my peers.

The Demon Grinder is the ultimate Hellfire Engine to bring fear and destruction through the nine hells. It’s interchangeable weapons seat up to 6 figures and a driver opening up a new way to experience the high octane chases through Avernus.

Heather Kim

I loved to draw and ideate for as long as I can remember! I love telling stories through character design and illustrations. I am all about teamwork and creativity, so I love ideating with new and different people. Because I love being able to express personality through character design and color, I help small beauty business brands to create their logo and help brand their name. I am a very optimistic, enthusiastic, hard worker that fuels off my passion to create! I loved toys as long as I can remember and I wanted to become a toy designer so I could create toys that bring joy like how it did for me.

This is a stylized collage of the doll concepts I have created over time to show different concepts with different ranges.

Youjin Kim

Hi there! I'm a Toy Designer based in Los Angeles (USA). I love cute and lovely things. I never stop searching for new styles and forms to expand my design skills. I design toys that bring joy and comfort to children as my toys did for me. I hope the toys I design can be the best friends of our little friends for a long time.

Bubble Pop Girls is a doll line for girls 4+ that comes with four adorable dolls and a fantastical bubble play-set. Let’s create your own colorful bubbles and go on an adventure with Bubble Pop Girls and make your wishes come true!

Patrick Koh

I am a toy designer based in Los Angeles. With a motivation for boys’ toys, I like to defy the lines between horror and cuteness, all the while creating and conceptualizing toys that can bring excitement, surprise, shock, fright, and humor. I draw inspiration from phobias, horror movies, 90s pop culture, jokes, and Internet culture. When not working on characters, you can find me cracking jokes and petting dogs.

The A-Ballminations is a plush line for boys ages 7 and up! With their distinct transformations, these creatures will show that everyone is unique, allowing a fun, surprise play!

Emily Koons

My name is Emily Koons, and I am a toy designer and artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. My love of art goes back all the way to early childhood. Throughout my childhood, I explored different styles and techniques. I initially wanted to master realism, but really enjoyed cartoons and impressionism too. I even wanted to be a manga artist at one point in time. I started in fine art but always had a love for toys. I spent four summers as a camp counselor and enjoyed making felt puppets with my campers. The felt puppets were the first time I played around with beading, and from there, I explored working with beads as a medium for fine art. In 2017 I returned to my love of toys and by creating beadwork for collectible dolls. I worked at the Palo Alto American Girl store for 3½ years, and that experience combined with my beadwork helped me decide to pursue toy design. That led me to the Otis College of Art and Design, where I have been studying Toy Design for the past three years. I have enjoyed learning about digital drawing techniques and how to develop toy concepts. I hope my love of fine art and toys shows through in my work.

Snail Surprise is a charming series of dolls that provides pre-cool girls with animal inspired fantasy play.

Claire Lee

Hi! My name is Claire Lee. I'm a toy designer based in Anaheim who is obsessed with cats. I have a passion for Girls' toys, Fashion dolls, Baby dolls, Collectable toys, Preschool toys, and Plush. My strengths include drawing, color rendering, color selection, concept creating, and 3D modeling. I'm always excited to create something new! I derive inspiration from brainstorming and researching trends. I have six years of work experience in several jobs. I' m good at teamwork, and I like to collaborate and communicate with my co-workers. I'm a detail-oriented person who's obsessed with perfection. I always smile with positive thoughts and patience, even when I'm being challenged. I have an open mind to working in any work environment.

"CHEER SQUAD" is a fashion doll line targeted towards young girls ages 4-9, provides aspiration to little girls who want to be a CHEERLEADER! An adorable collaboration of Triplet Cheerleaders and Triplet Goat Mascots!

Jordan Lehman

Hi, I'm a hard worker dedicated to the business of toys! I've always loved toys since I was a little kid, gathering large collections of a variety of different toys!

Converting character named 'Yellowjacket,' based off of my own car

Sihan Liu

Hello, My name is Sihan Liu. A Toy Design Major from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Optimistic, easy-going, good at communication and teamwork. Have strong learning and adaptive ability, a strong sense of responsibility and can withstand pressure, have a good psychological quality.

Musician Friends is the music inspirational toy for both girls and boys are age 4+ Cultivate preschoolers sense of sound with Musician Friends the soft pals that help develop hearing, edify taste, and improve perceptual quality all while making the world a more musical place to discover.

Xiao Meng

Hello! My name is Xiao Meng, and I'm a fun and ingenious toy designer that's skilled in character design, vehicle design, action figures, and teamwork. Turning a 2D drawing into a 3D model is my passion. To me, a toy is not only an object, but also can bring you lots of joys and make your childhood vibrant and colorful. I want to be a toy designer who can bring happiness to childhood and children.

These designs reveals my skills in rendering and drawing. I really enjoyed designing vehicles and also creating animal characters.

Chloe Mun

Hi, my name is Chloe Mun. I am passionate about designing a toy that gives an unforgettable memory in one's childhood. My interests in toys lead me to major in Toy Design at Otis College of Art and Design. I am a team-oriented designer that takes ease in pivoting to the changing roles and needs. I have expertise in brainstorming, concept sketching, and digital rendering.

Kids can not only explore their world with their favorite characters from the movie but also sense a realistic feel of the vehicle. This awesome INSIDE OUT ride on has a unique "rainbow" mode that utilizes character buttons. Character buttons will bring the movie characters personalities alive by powering the vehicle based on their distinctive traits.

Andie Munroe

Hi there! I'm Andie Munroe - a Toy Designer/Storyteller originally from Seattle, Washington, but currently based in Los Angeles, California! I am a hard-working, driven artist, skilled in project management, research, and working under pressure. I am motivated and high-energy, seeking opportunities to gain experience in the toy design field and passionate about exploring sustainable design through this! As a former teacher, working with kids from 6 weeks to 13 years old, I am determined to design toys that will encourage people to explore their imagination, aiming to make toys for people of all ages.

Lil' Helpers is a girls doll line for ages 3+ that will provide a platform for the importance of community involvement, the love of sisterhood and friendship, and a different kind of superhero!

Subin Park

Hello. I'm Subin Park. I am a Toy Designer who loves to design unique and fun toys! I have a passion for designing fashion dolls and girl's toys! I am also interested in creating collectible toys for boys and girls! I'm enthusiastic about an opportunity to work hard and develop innovative, on-trend toys!!

Senior work - Sketches and Designs.

Ezequiel “Z” Villegas

As a Toy Designer, I work with the future of fun in mind and have my eyes and ears open to the world for inspiration. I am self-motivated, adaptive, and a great team player. I love art and engineering and believe toys are the perfect fusion of the two, and I aim to create products that will inspire future generations. In my time at Otis College, I learned how to use my skills to design for others and myself.

The Dark Crystal: Roads of Rebellion is a hypothetical vehicle toy line based on Jim Henson's Dark Crystal Series. Pictured is the Villain SkekNa action figure Riding his "SkekCycle". To see more about this toy line, click here

Carson Voris

I am a toy designer with experience designing Girls toys and dolls and have an eye for all things cute. I am passionate and skilled at character design, concepting, unique storytelling, and collaborating with people who share my love of toys and games!

Team Missfits: the only edgy, D.I.Y-filled fashion dolls for girls ages 5+ that encourage creativity, cheer, and standing out from the sidelines!

Flora Wang

Hi, I’m Flora. I’m a toy designer interested in dolls and action figure design, preschool and early development products, and educational toys. My skills include market research, copywriting, digital and traditional ideation sketching, photoshop rendering, and 3D modeling in Rhino and ZBrush. I would like to freelance, work remotely, and be a part of a larger team. Please let me know if I could be useful to your project by connecting on LinkedIn or emailing me at [email protected]

Here is a snapshot of my skills. Initial sketching and ideations are my favorite part of the design process. I also enjoy world building, character design, and storytelling.

Brooke Wu

I am Brooke Wu, a toy designer who loves playing with toys. I learn, imagine and create while I am playing. I believe toys are a huge part of children’s development and also inspire them in later life. I love to design toys that help children learn, love, grow and be happy. My strengths include time management, storytellings, branding and model making.

Three of my Studio Projects: Preschool (BBQ Master), Submarines (Sub Club) Vehicle Design, and Fashion Doll line (Secret Surprises). Details of each toy are shown in the picture.

John Wyatt

Originally from Philadelphia, with a background as a professional ballet dancer, my education has given me an unconventional set of skills. I work best in a hands-on, multi-media environment with a focus on physical and computer-aided prototyping, blue sky ideation, and concept marketing and presentation. Performing on stages most of my life has given me the ability to lead a room comfortably, but also actively engage with members of my team by listening to their ideas and aiding in their communication. One of the most important things I've learned in my career, which drives my work, is how failure is as valid as success. I am not afraid to speak up and ask questions, look at problems from an outside perspective, and go against the norm in an effort to discover what could be possible. My practice as a creator reaches far outside of toy design, and I hope to use my experiences to make products that are both impactful and purely playful.

Traxx Trains is a train line for boys three and up that provides classic wooden train play with expansive construction building features!

Edward Zou

I am a Product/Toy Designer who loves Japanese culture. I make models and collect toys, especially Japanese ones. Also, I love playing and designing card/board games because I think in comparison to video games, these physical games generate real connections between people.

"Catunes" is a unique keyboard toy with a special recording feature which allow preschoolers to Play/Save/Replay their music using ordinary printing paper!